Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have a gorgeous creme for fall today, Zoya Pinta. Pinta is a deep blue leaning purple creme that is super shiny and dark. It actually dries a bit darker than the bottle colour. I'm just glad it doesn't look black! Zoya's formula usually doesn't disappoint, but I found Pinta to be a little too thick and gloopy. I added thinner to the bottle immediately after application to one nail! Application was much easier from then on.

I'm sure if you applied one thick coat to each nail to would be fine, but I used one medium coat and another thinner one to even everything out. Since this polish is glossy on it's own Seche made it pure wet shine!


I feel like my application wasn't the greatest with this one, it's always harder to hide tiny imperfections with such a dark shade as well. I do love the colour though, so rich and dark. Im in the process of deciding how I can use Pinta as the base for some nail art :)


  1. Ooooh gorgeous! This is definitely perfect for fall!

  2. This is lovely. I think you application is great. I also find I have hit/miss with app on darker polishes - but I keep q-tips and art brushes close by with acetone to pull up the mess ups ASAP - or sometimes lazy me, just wait a day and most of the oops seems to wear off. Ummmh - putting together a Zoya order now. I think I need to look at my deep purples in my stash to see if I need this one - my heart and eyes are saying yes!


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