Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sparkle-tacular Haul-o-ween!

It is finally October, one of my favorite months with one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. I did some shopping over the weekend and was able to pick up some of the Halloween polishes I had been eyeing for a great price too :) I am pretty satisfied with what I got, I usually wait until after Halloween when they go on sale, so I no excuse not to wear these soon!

First stop was Sally's where is lived up some of the new Orly's, from left to right Monster Mash and Right Amount of Evil.

I wish Right Amount of Evil had a more Halloween name, something to do with pumpkins or something lol. Other than the colour of these polishes, they are pretty close in terms of formula. First of all they both have hex, and fine bar glitter sprinkled with a bunch of regular glitter. They are also both very dense in all glitter with what looks to be a buildable jelly base of either orange or green. The main difference I can shee is that Right Amount of Evil has a pink micro-shimmer in the base. Below are bottle Close ups!

These can also be worn over another colour for sure if you just want a little sparkle. 

Next from Sally's, the only China Glaze that interested me from this years collection, Glitter Goblin. I love the name! Glitter Goblin is composed of copper, silver and holo glitter in a clear base. I hope this one is buildable for full opacity, I love glitters like this :)

Next I was off to Ulta, they has a good promo on polish, buy 2 get 1 free! I didn't see anything I was particularly interested in, but I did pick up one, my first ever Piggy Polish! Another Halloween on, this one is called NAME. in the bottle it appears to be a gunmetal grey kind of foil with black/silver glitter and larger orange hex glitter. It is actually 100% glitter, made up of dark silver glitter in a clear base. This one is very dense and can definitely be built up to opacity.

I had a coupon but had to spend at least $10 to use it so also picked up this body lotion that was on sale and I am seriously obsessed with it! Its Ulta brand and called Cinnamon Swirl. It Smells So GOOD! Like fresh cinnamon buns, so delicious :)

So those are my picks for Halloween 2012, I'm so glad the polishes I wanted were available AND on sale. I actually had coupons but honestly, the Orly's were ridiculous price wise, even wit Sally's discount card!

What is your fave 2012 Halloween polish?


  1. I almost bought the orly polishes when I was at Sally's last week...
    But I had just finished organizing my polish...and knew I couldn't. I bought a mcflurry instead lol can't feel guilty about that.

    1. lol what kind of mcflurry? Smartie is my fave but I haven't had it in so long!

      they are likely to go on sale at the end of October/early November so if you really like them keep an eye out!

  2. Orly's Monster Mash is the perfect green Halloween glitter <3 it

    1. I know I knew that was THE one I had to have this year :)


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