Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sale Haulin'

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive invite to the seasonal L'oreal sale this fall. I think I have mentioned it before but it is basically a warehouse sale that has a bunch of brand name cosmetics, haircare and fragrances. I was excited this year because L'Oreal recently bought out Essie and I hoped that I would find some reasonably priced polishes. I definitely did! Not only were there Essie polishes but L'Oreal and Maybelline as well.
The Essie's seemed to be the best deal at 5 for $24, so I picked some up. Here is what I got, first photo left to right is Camera and Marshmellow:

Camera is a bright neon pink/coral. It is super duper bright! On the nail it dries to a matte finish. Marshmallow is a squishy white jelly, it seems to even out really well for a white AND a jelly! Think of all the layering possibilities!

Next I have Mojito Madness and Navigate Her. Mojito Madness is a soft type of Kelly green that has a dusty quality to it. Navigate Her is more of a light, yellow based green. Both are cremes.

And last but not least As Gold As It Gets, this polish is apart of the Luxe Effects collection. It is is a clear base packed with shiny gold flakies.

One more polish I want to sneak in with this haul that I got the same weekend, but not at the sale is Sally Hanson Salon, Glided Lilly. Glided Lilly is a yellow-gold foil shimmer with a slight bronze/brown duotone shift. I just had to pick this one up when I saw it in store for the first time :)

Below are some swatches of all the polishes (minus Marshmallow which got cut off) in the sun...

And in the shade.


  1. Good score with Essie, esp the Luxe Effect. I only went to L'Oreal sale once and wasn't that lucky :)

    1. It's very hit or miss, one day they will have something in the next they don't. My aunt is actually the one who received the passes and invited me to go, she goes a couple of time during the sale and from what she's said it seems that products very day to day.

  2. How fun! I live in the boonies so never have anything like this sale thing you referenced. We don't even get the ones out in retail into my area all the time...I live through looking at blogs to keep current! I own all of these Essies but for Camera - did not pick that one up. I had ODed on the ChG neons - got the few from the older collection I did not own and then told myself no no on getting all the summer 2012 neons from ChG and what did I do? Bought all of ' I need to gift some away if they are still hot next summer way do I need all of these!


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