Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slimy Lime

I have so many great green polishes this year for Halloween, some of my favorites I haven't even had a chance to wear yet. Although Mojito Maddress is new to my collection, I needed it as a base for something I will show you tomorrow.

Mojito Madness is shown here with only one thick coat! I must say it applied pretty well and if I had any issues I wanted to fix up it evened out pretty well. No bubbling either which is a plus, I hate when thick coats produce bubbles.

Like I said in my haul post this polish share is like a dusty Kelly green. I think it's the dustiness that prevents it from being too summery, it's bright, but muted at the same time. Stay tuned to see what I do with this tomorrow!

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  1. Like MM - bought it this past summer - was on a no buy but could not resist it when I saw it finally in it's place on a display - sold out at 3 other stores I had looked at same display - so weak moment picked it up. I really liked it on my toes this past summer - it was a good break from all the neons I was sporting. Never thought to wear it for Halloween manis - but then I am not keen on Halloween anything unlike most folks and odd too as Halloween is my birthday! I think since I was a kid going trick-o-treating still, I only have done Halloween costume 3 times...and as close as I get to a Halloween mani is probably wearing some hue of orange polish. I have the new OPI DS Luxurious on my toes now - it will be fine after Halloween too as we move into US Thanksgiving/late fall season.


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