Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Haulin', Part 1

So only a few days after my post of must haves for winter I got out and practically buy everything off my list! Now this is a holiday haul, both Christmas and the "holiday" just passed, Halloween! I love when they reduce the seasonal collections right away, and the Sally's I went to happened to have pretty much every Halloween polish still in stock and reduced. This is what I picked up in my first trip to Sally's, I'll start with the Halloween collection first.

First up is China Glaze Make a Spectacle which I honestly decided to buy because it was on sale but oh my God, it is such an awesome polish. The base is a sheer gloss with a golden duochrome shimmer, it reminds me of the shimmer in White Cap. It is also jam packed with iridescent hex glitter, it is THE layering polish, if you can still find it and love layering I would highly suggest picking it up while you still can! Words cannot describe it and I hope the swatches in part two of the haul do it justice. Only one coat is needed and adds a tone of sparkle and dimension.

Orly R.I.P is one I really wanted but ended up leaving behind on an earlier trip to Sally's in early October so I was super happy to get it on sale, it was $5.99, I think this collection is going for $9.99 or something like that, crazy if you ask me. I used a coupon which ended up averaging all the polishes I purchased, which are included in today's post to only $3.60 each, taxes included! And if you live in Toronto you know taxes suck! I feel like an episode of extreme couponer, what a great deal!!

R.I.P has a blackened murky base. It looks black but not as stark, I wouldn't call it a creme but it's not a jelly either. This one is jam packed with coppery orange regular and hex glitter! Much more glitter than my last mani of Androgynie. The FX line so far for me has really delivered on the glitter and has improved greatly in the suspension in their glitter polishes. I do however find this polish to be very sheer, I globbed on a bunch of coats on my nail wheel and lost count! I would recommend a base for this one unless you want to layer a million coats and wait forever for it to dry.

The next two polishes I picked up in the same shopping trip are Christmas themed! First up China Glaze Angels Wings.

Angel's Wings is a gold scattered holo glitter polish that is densely packed with glitter. Two coats are shown on my nail wheel. It is so sparkly and awesome! Apparently it's a dupe for last years Ulta exclusive, but from the photos I have seen of Ultamate Holiday, it looks to be more yellow.

Next Orly, Angel Eyes and for me this is THE polish of winter. It is composed of bright blue microglitter and packed with iridescent hex glitter that adds so much depth and complexity. It's awesome on it's own and can be built up, but I find it is best over a base of blue and under a glossy top coat!

This concludes part one of my Holiday Haulin', stay tuned to see what I picked up next!


  1. I passed over the ChG Makes a Spectacle because I have sooooo many like this one and now your description makes me think I need to look at it closer next trip to Sally's. Not a fan of RIP - it was in the sale bin at Sally's for $2.99 I think - I am not a fan of glitter much and I don't wear the 1 more fall/Halloween glitter I have now. I do like the Orly Angel Eyes - I swatches it when I bought Miss Conduct out of that same collection and I keep looking at my paper with the swatch - odd as I don't wear glitters that often. Angel Wings many seem to like but not being huge on glitters and I have one that is said to be an exact dup of it from Ulta exclusive last holiday 2011 I got talked into ordering because 3 folks said I had to have it, I won't need to pick that one up. It is a nice micro fine glitter that goes opaque really fast...I did buy the green glitter that is like that formula in the ChG holiday 2012 collection. Will see if I ever wear it now!

    1. Make a Spectacle is super cool! i didn't intend on picking it up but super glad i did! R.I.P is alright, I wish it were more opaque. I am thinking of getting the green glitter as well, it wasn't in the display when I went :(


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