Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Haulin', Part 2

Part two of my haul and swatches!

I will start off with a random clearance polish that has nothing whatsoever to do with the holidays, My first China Glaze Magnetix Pull Me Close. In the store I kind of just grabbed this to equal a certain amount so I could use a coupon lol I am kind of feeling indifferent to it now. Don't get me wrong it is a cool colour and works amazingly with the magnet I also picked up.

Pull Me Close is a dusty metallic blue with pink/magenta shimmer. Once on the nail with the magnetic effect the shimmer is pretty hard to be seen. The real star of this purchase is definitely the magnet lol. I love this magnet, I have three other magnetic polishes from various brands I have yet to wear due to the fact that I couldn't get them to work. It turns out it was the friggin' magnet I was using! This magnet works quick and gets a nice clean image on the nail. I may not be wearing this polish anytime soon, but my next mani is looking to be a magnetic one. The magnet I picked up include stripes, bulls eye and grid patterns. I believe this is the second magnet China Glaze released.

Swatches are 1 coat with and without magnetic effect.

Next another Halloween polish from China Glaze, Cast a Spell. I cannot seem to get enough of these dark olive shimmers. I wasn't going to pick this one up, but if I didn't now I probably was not ever going to find it again. Plus the swatches I have seen are awesome! In the swatches below I used used one coat! Very pigmented, great formula.

On to the Christmas beauties, first up China Glaze Pure Joy. I was undecided about whether I wanted Pure Joy or Orly Devil May Care since they are so similar, but China Glaze did look to have larger red glitter which is likely to be more opaque than the smaller glitter in Devil May Care. The fact that China Glaze is cheaper was a bonus. My swatches below are two thick coats! I was originally looking forward to wearing this one on its own, but think of the layering possibilities :)

The last Sally's Haul polish I have is probably one of my faves, Glistening Snow. And that is exactly what it reminds me of, cold snow on a sunny winters day. I just love it! It is basically the white/silver version of Angel's Wings. Out of the two I originally wanted Angel's Wings more, but in person Glistening Snow wins. I love when polish companies put out a nice white polish for holiday collections, this is definitely a twist with the holo glitter.

Swatches for the full haul including the ones listed in my last post are below. There are many, I gave up on the sun for the day but then it peeked out for litterally a minute, so some of the sun photos aren't as sunny as I'd like them to be.
Pure Joy, Angel's Wings, Cast a Spell
Angel's Wings, Cast a Spell, Make a Spectacle, Glistening Snow, Angel Eyes
Cast a Spell, Make a Spectacle (close up, new angle), Glistening Snow
Make a Spectacle, Glistening Snow, Angel Eyes, R.I.P

Pure Joy, Angel's Wings, Cast a Spell (sun)

Pure Joy, Angel's Wings, Cast a Spell, Glistening Snow (sun)
Angel's Wings, Cast a Spell, Glistening Snow, Angels Eyes, R.I.P (sun)

So I took all my photos for this post on the weekend expecting it to be just a second Sally's haul when I hit up Sephora on Sunday afternoon and what do I spot.... a long lemming of mine, and on sale?! You know I had to pick it up. It does fit in with the theme though, Halloween!

This is Sephora by OPI If You've Got It Haunt It.

 I like it so much better than I had originally thought I would too! It has a grey jelly like base, black and charcoal glitter, tiny prismatic and/or random coloured glitter. It rocks and I want to wear it. Maybe some day soon. My swatches show two coats over Pull Me Close. This is great for layering or for wear on it's own.

This concludes my holiday haulin'... for now. Until next time ;)

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