Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Small Haulin'

I got some new polishes, Woohoo! Just some randoms today. Incase you didn't already know American Apparel has a promo going on right now for a free lip gloss and nail polish! Awesome, right? I went with my mother and sister and since they weren't impressed with the colour selection they gave me their polish :) so here is what I got:

Left to right Sunset Blvd., Neon Blue and African Violet.

Sunset Blvd. was the hardest to photograph, in the photos it looks orange, but in reality it is a coraly pink/orange. It is very bright!

Neon Blue is hardly neon in my opinion lol I was so exited for this one but when I saw it in the store I was like really? neon? In any case it is medium blue. It doesn't dry to a matte finish like other neons which is a plus!

African Violet I have been wanting for a while, I actually thought it was already apart of my collection to be honest! It is the most perfect shade of purple, I love purple on my nails, it goes well with my skintone I find. This polish very much reminds me of an old Sally Hansen I have that that it about one quarter to half way finished. I loved that purple but haven't worn it in a while because I didn't want to waste it, but now I have some backup ;) 

Below is each polish at one coat, natural light.

Same swatches with my camera flash below.

Did you participate in this promo? Which polish did you pick up?


  1. All good picks you got here IMO. And nope - I did not even see my email regarding the promo.

    1. The good thing about this promo is you don't even need the email to get your free polish/lip gloss, at least not at my location. just go in and say you got an email for free polish/lipgloss.

  2. Wow! I'm really gealous! Such a great haul and great choice of colours!

    1. thanks! don't forget to head in and pick up yours if you have a store near by


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