Monday, November 5, 2012

Spakly Galaxy

Today I have an polish from Orly's 2011 holiday collection, this is Androgynie.

Androgynie is a difficult polish to explain. The dark bown-ish/black base and gold glitter makes up the bulk of the polish but it is also sprinkled with holo glitter and large hex iridescent glitter that shines blue, green and gold. It was difficult to photograph all of the glitter perfectly but in the photos below with my camera flash the glitter has greater visibility.

Only two coats of polish were needed to reach full opacity. I vigorously shook the bottle before application and in between coats to get as much of the hex and holo glitter on the nail. The only thing that sucks is that the base colour is too opaque for you to really see the layers beneath so any hex glitter I got on my nail in the first coat is mostly hidden :( Another thing I have found in other glitter polishes I own (with the exception of the glam FX polishes I recently purchased) is that the glitter always sinks to the bottom of the bottle and is never really suspended properly until you give it a shake.

Although I would have preferred more of the holo and hex glitter on my nails I am still happy with the over all look, its a simple looking take on galaxy nails without all the effort!


  1. I bought this last holiday season when I was on a long 3 month out of town for medical trip/stay. I wore it 2 times and not since then. It was a little difficult to get the rainbow glitter to show through the black. I am now loving what Zoya did with Storm - same idea only it really glows highly.

    1. I agree, I wish that the base were a little more jelly in finish

  2. When I bought this polish, I was very dissappointed... at first. The first couple times I applied it, almost none of the larger glitters seemed to come out at all, no matter how much I shook the bottle. I added about 4 extra mixing balls in the bottle. After that, when shaking the bottle, it seemed to move the glitters much better and the manicure had much more of a "galaxy" effect. This is one of my favorite polishes now.


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