Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't You Hate it When..

... your picture perfect mani gets ruined when shaving in a dim lighten shower when you accidentally take a chunk out of it with your razer?! I hate that feeling, and I loved this mani :( I made an attempt to fix it right away, and although the dent wasn't 100% unnoticeable it was acceptable.

 photo IMGP6154_zpsc552376f.jpg
colour not accurate by the way lol, just a quick shot after my shower!

 Does this ever happen to you?

On a side note I made an order for some China Glaze Hologlams today!! I am so excited for these! I feel like it has been forever since they first released any info on it last year. I only picked up 4 for now, but I hope to get between 2-4 more hopefully when they are finally released at Sally's. Let the stalking begin continue!


  1. I absolutely detest when that happens! With me its always followed by a mini heart attack at the thought that perhaps it nicked at my nail length too!

  2. and haha...yes I do hate that, or I'm opening a can and i slice a bit of it off as well...such a pain

    Can't wait to see your posts on the Hologlams xD


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