Tuesday, March 12, 2013

February Haulin' in the U.S + Dollarama Polishes

Another haul for you guys today, this is the polish I purchased during the month of February. It's not too large, which is good, I'm actually trying to narrow down exactly what I am buying lately, I also need to clear some out soon and when I have the time I will be putting together a blog sale!

I will start off with a purchase I made a while back but finally received in Feb, my three for $10 Zoya polishes. These took a while for me to receive them because they only ship to the States, so I usually ship to family there and they bring them back to Toronto when they can :) The polishes I receive include Storm, Aurora and Skylar.

 photo IMGP6081_zps3f06051a.jpg

Storm is a black jelly polish sprinkled with holographic glitter flakes/particles. Unfortunately the sun has not been around lately so I can not show you just yet how glittery and great this polish is. Hopefully the sun will be out when I wear it for the first time!

 photo IMGP6133_zps1d7b1daa.jpg 

Next is Aurora, which is apart of the same collection as Storm. Same idea but with a purple/magenta base and more saturated with glitter. This is so much better in person than I had imagined! For more on this polish, see this post.

 photo IMGP6137_zps209cbc29.jpg 

And lastly I have Skylar, a springy sky blue with a gold glass fleck- like glitter that runs throughout. I had been wanting a polish like this for a while, OPI has a similar polish as well, I Have A Herring Problem, not 100% sure if they are dupes or not since I don't own the OPI, however comparisons I have seen on line lead me to believe they are pretty darn close.

 photo IMGP6138_zps574a7177.jpg

Swatches of each polish are below.

 photo IMGP6167_zpsb51d274e.jpg
lamp light

 photo IMGP6156_zps3133b725.jpg
Natural Daylight
Next grouping of polish is from Sally's, would you believe I spend just over $10 for all four polishes?! One of the perks of my newly acquired pro card plus procard promotions! First up are the three from the latest spring collection, Avant Garden, Keep Calm, Paint On, Dandy Lyin' Around and Mimosas Before Mani's. Love these names :)

 photo IMGP6098_zpsb84fc828.jpg

Keep Calm, Paint On is probably the lightest mint polish I own. The base is a creme and a silver shimmer runs throughout. From swatching this on my nail wheel I could tell the formula was a bit thick but manageable.

 photo IMGP6180_zps42f0f436.jpg

Dandy Lyin' Around is an interesting white polish, I have a fondness for white shimmer/glitters. The base seems to be a pretty stark white creme but the special part is the fleck-like white/gold shimmer that is present throughout. I wonder how this compares to Kwik-Sil-ver which is now discontinued.

 photo IMGP6184_zps0e49e893.jpg

Last from the spring collection is Mimosa's Before Mani's, this a coral/orange leaning pink creme which has a gold shimmer running throughout. I love my corals and was excited to see a new pastel one available. Sometimes my skintone makes them look more pink than i'd like, so I'll have to wait and see if it looks the way I want it to on the nail.

 photo IMGP6176_zps00db6106.jpg

Another polish I purchased from Sally's is Mosaic Madness, apart of the Glitz and Glamor collection. This consists of multiple shapes and sizes of black and blur glitter in a clear base. Black glitter, my favorite!! I would so totally buy more in the collection, but don't necessarily need them. Hopefully they will go on sale sometime soon and I can pick up some more :) I love these new glitters coming out lately, you can tell the big polish companies are starting to get inspiration from the Indy ones which is awesome ;)

 photo IMGP6107_zpsdceaffaa.jpg 

 photo IMGP6106_zps999b95c4.jpg

Swatches of each China Glaze polish are below.

 photo IMGP6155_zps67d1cfea.jpg

 photo IMGP6173_zps80794241.jpg

Lastly I would like to include the polishes I mentioned back in February at the Dollarama, I only picked up three, Tender Teal, All Aglow, and Blue Frosting. These are all apart of the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Limited Edition collection released back in mid-September 2012.

 photo IMGP6091_zps8ec45949.jpg

Tender Teal is a blue glass fleck foil. In the bottle it appears to be slightly duochrome but not so much on the nail. Two coats are shown below, more opaque than I originally expected.

 photo IMGP6095_zps5b6ff9f1.jpg 

All Aglow is a purple glass fleck foil, in the bottle this also appears to be a duochrome (purple to gold) but it is not to visible in most lighting conditions unfortunately. This is also another opaque polish in two coats.

 photo IMGP6096_zps2642a410.jpg 

Lastly my favorite, Blue Frosting. This one looked pretty duochrome in the bottle and it doesn't disappoint! Sure on it's own it is pretty sheer, but over a darker colour is where the magic really happens! It visibly shifts to From blue, teal, purple and pink, plus it has the foil/fleck finish. This is a very cool topper!

 photo IMGP6097_zps2ef3554e.jpg 

Swatches of each Sally Hansen are below, two coats each if I remember correctly :)

 photo IMGP6130_zpsdb687909.jpg 

That is all for now :) Have you picked up any of the new spring collection polishes?


  1. Nice work! The dollarama in Kingston was selling Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure so I picked up a few.... ;)

    1. Nice! I saw a few during my last trip there but nothing I was interested in. any bright colours?


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