Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Techno Teal

Woots! March is here which means that spring is (hopefully) on it's way :) I cannot wait for some more outdoor time and longer days, not to mention the warmer weather! I have totally been feeling the spring polish collections that have been released lately, especially China Glaze, such a great collection of fun spring shades. To slowly transition over to those light and bright polishes I have a slight holo beauty to share today, China Glaze Techno Teal, apart of the Sally's exclusive Electronica collection. I needed something to hold me over until the Hologlams are available ;)

 photo IMGP6072_zpsb61a9b74.jpg 

 photo IMGP6069_zps0966d8af.jpg

I picked up Techno teal back when it was originally released, was it three years ago now? I got luck in Sally's when they released it a few days earlier and I just happened to stroll in. I had my pick of ANY colour I wanted, it looked as though they had a few full sets on display but I was very picky and choosy and I regret not picking up more shades from the collection. That being said Techno Teal does not have a strong linear holographic finish which would be comparable to the OMG collection or the Kaleidoscope collection. It has more of a holo shimmer that runs throughout, and I absolutely love it :) Unfortunately the sun wasn't around when I took photos, it just sparkles in the sun.

 photo IMGP6078_zps5f097087.jpg

I only needed two coats for full opacity, and I must say that these polishes apply like the super holo kind so I'd recommend a proper base, which I forgot to use. Application wasn't too bad without it, but it should make things easier. I added Seche Vite on top, but am unsure if that made is glow less holo. I do prefer it with a top coat, I love a glossy finish.

 photo IMGP6076_zps05da3a9d.jpg

 photo IMGP6079_zpsc41b1f32.jpg
overcast skies, boooo!
To me the shade is petty much identical to DV8 which is a linear holo, you can see my post on it here. It is one of my all time favourite polishes :) What is your favourite holo polish?


  1. Ooh that's a gorgeous colour. Your nails and cuticles look amazing! I have been fighting all winter long man. It's ridiculous. Thanks goodness Spring will be Sprung soon!

    1. Aww, thanks you are too kind, but it honestly has to be the lighting or something, this winter my skin has been taking a beating :( not just my hands either, although they are the driest unfortunately. Nails have been peely too. I just need to remember to moisturize every so often. I just cannot wait for spring!

  2. Just heard the new Hologlams are out already on Sally's web site but not in stores - not thrilled with what I have seen and read about most shades in the collection - maybe getting over saturated by the holo thing...and so loved the OMGs, Kaleidoscopes and a # of the Tronicas that many felt were not great but I like the color sat. in he Tronicas. I have trouble wearing a lot of teals unless they are cream formula but I can wear this one and like how it looks on my skin tone. With the weather moving from 80 less than a week ago to mid 30's - rain and sleet and back to wearing my fleece, hard to call what polish to wear these days - guess it's good that I am not feeling devoted to wearing only seasonal shades now like usual...and and soon it's all about the greens for St. Patty's day - feeling very uninspired as far as art nail for that so going with Zoya Logan I think!.

    1. I know what you mean about feeling uninspired, happens to me from time to time as well.

      I actually called my Sally's yesterday to ask if they had them in stock since I saw them on the site but they don't think they will be in stores probably until later in the month. From what I have seen I agree they are not as wowing as the original OMG holos, but I still think I'd like to own a few of the shades :)


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