Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Oldie But A Goodie!

Today I have a beautiful blue glitter polish from China Glaze's 2008 Ink collection. I just picked this up last year! I had always adored it from afar but never purchased it, it wasn't until my cousin was wearing it that I new I had to have it!

 photo IMGP6335_zpsf86f7023.jpg

Blue Sparrow is labeled as a neon, but I am not so sure. The only other polish I own from this collection is flying dragon, and it is the weird batch (more red than purple) and doesn't work for me. They both have the matte sort of finish as a neon, but the colour isn't bright like a neon, kind of weird. I think these were also the only two in the collection that had glitter in them.

 photo IMGP6338_zps529474e5.jpg

But enough about the collection in general, let's talk about this polish as a whole. The blue base looks to be sheer like a jelly and is packed with blue glitter. When compared to Flying Dragon the sheer base is a step up because it let's the glitter shine through the layers. I only needed two medium to thick layers for full opacity which was a surprise. Seeing how this was labeled as a neon I expected it to need more coats.

 photo IMGP6342_zps6182664e.jpg

As I said previously it does dry to a matte finish, which in my opinion does not do the polish justice at all! You definitely need a top coat for this one. To avoid any of the grit feeling from the glitter I applied one generous coat of Seche Vite and am happy with the final outcome.


  1. so pretty! I just picked up Turned Up Turquoise, which I think is also from that collection. May have to get this one too! :)

    1. Oh Yeah! You are right, I forgot that one, I also have it. It's a beautiful colour but I hate the "neon" formula, it chips to easily


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