Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cross Boarder and Holo-Haul

Today I have a collection of polish and polish related purchases from last month. Let's start off with my favorite find at Winners, the Color Club Holo Hue 2.0 polishes! Since I already have a few similar shades I decided to go for some I thought were unique to my collection, I picked up Kizmet and Cosmic Fate.

 photo IMGP6272_zps25f78642.jpg

Kizmet is a light lime green holo. I was searching everywhere online to see how close it was to L8R G8R, but could not find any comparisons. I thought it would be more pigmented but it surprisingly was not! Although the shades are similar, the holographic effect is different. China Glaze's OMG's had a super fine spectraflair pigment which makes for a smoother holo, where the Color Club's are more glittery, with larger glitter pieces. I did a swatch in my nail wheel and only needed one coat for full coverage.

 photo IMGP6276_zpsecc94f6c.jpg

Cosmic Fate is a peachy pink holo. This is probably the only colour of holographic polish I don't have, and that is why I picked it up, because I wanted all of them, it was a hard decision to just pick two! Same application as Kizmet, one coat on my swatch wheel.

 photo IMGP6278_zpsa433221b.jpg

Swatches of each below:

 photo IMGP6282_zps623c32e8.jpg

Next up are some cross boarder shopping purchases, I picked these up at CosmoProf, first is China Glaze Fancy Pants. This just looks so interesting to me! A deep purple leaning blue base with pink shimmer. Definitely unlike anything I own. When I searched this on my nail wheel I noticed the formula was quite thick so I will most-likely apply thinner before applying on my nails. Due to the thickness it was opaque in one coat.

 photo IMGP6265_zpsb72a0bb4.jpg

 photo IMGP6267_zpsc8432902.jpg

While at CosmoProf I also spotted a China Glaze and Seche Vite duo in support of breast cancer. It was on sale for $4.95, so I couldn't leave it! The China Glaze colour is Naked, a light pink polish with glass fleck shimmer.

 photo IMGP6262_zps044a02ff.jpg

I had found a coupon for $5 off a Kiss brand led light for gel polish and figured if I found it at Wal Mart I would pick it up. There was only one left so I thought what the hell, if it doesn't work with my gels I can always return it lol. I am looking forward to trying it out, I need a pedicure bad!

 photo IMGP6247_zpsec0f2490.jpg

One last item from across the boarder, if you live in the States and are close to a Christmas Tree Store check it out, I found these Revlon flakies for only $1.99! I spotted four different versions. I'm not too crazy about these myself, but I know some of you were interested in purchasing them but didn't like the higher price point. This is the lowest I have seen them for. The Dollarama in Canada has these for $3 each, only the neon collection was spotted by me.

 photo IMG_0206_zps2bfafbc7.jpg

I've saved the best for last, 6/8 out of 12 of the new China Glaze Hologlams :) I was so giddy when I got these online, but in person the bottles just look so... Not all that exciting lol. They almost look like the magnetic or chrome polishes. I first ordered online my top four; OMG A UFO, Strap On Your Moonboots, Take a Trek and When Worlds Collide.

The next batch I picked up in-store was Sci-Fly By, Cosmic Dust, Galactic Grey and Not in this Galaxy. You will not believe how much I scored these babies for! I must have the best Sally's EVAR! First of all when I called in and asked about them a week before their release I was allowed the option to hold the ones I wanted, that was the first awesome score! Once I got in, there was a promo for 2 for $7 on all China Glaze (Proclub promo), On top of that I was honoured April's promo as well which is buy two of any polish get one free!! I walked out of Sally's Spending just over $11 with tax for 4 polishes, plus for the additional 4 I ordered by mail were purchased with Swagbucks, so I got them for FREE!! So the total spent for 8 Hologlam polishes equals just over $11, deal of the year for sure! If you are interested in FREE nail polish and other rewards, send me a private email ( and I will invite you to join to start earning as well!

Now I'm sure you want bottle shots and swatches, but that it just too big for this post so I will showcase them on their own soon. I have left you a sneak peek in the photo below...

 photo IMGP6231_zpsc3b2b0b0.jpg

Doesn't even do any of them justice by the way. I am truly happy with them despite what I have read on other blogs, I love the holo effect and colours, I am just super excited about them, they do not disappoint!


  1. Nice haul - I need a new lamp - I have only an old UV one and had not found any LED ones for less than $140 except for the one in the Sally Hansen kit - I have to be in a large metro area for medical now for a few weeks - maybe i will get to a Walmart tthis weekend and see if they have this KISS lamp sold alone.

    1. I picked up the Kiss lamp on it's own and I love it! It has a built in timer and everything, so quick and easy to use with my non-Kiss branded gel polish. I highly recommend it, it was only $27.99 i think, plus I got $5 off with a coupon, so a great price. I tried the gelish LED lamp from Sally's and was not impressed at all, I ended up returning it right away!

  2. Are you a nail tech?
    I was always under the impression that Comoprof was for professionals only? Cause if you are, lucky you xD

    Anyway, great snags! Love when you post about the great deals you pick up across the border.


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