Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nail Fail

After trying to stamp a design with plate another plate previously and failing horribly, I decided on this intricate lace design from Bundle Monster plate BM-323.

 photo IMGP6204_zps4e88c2c5.jpg

 photo IMGP6206_zps51f5f90b.jpg

The first stamp came out great but it all went down hill from there :( Does this ever happen to you?


  1. The 1st stamp always looks good because everything is new and fresh!
    Clean plate, clean scrapper and clean stamper!
    I goes downhill if you don't clean up between stamping. You need too have the polish remover ready and clan up that plate, the scrapper and stamper too, but mostly the plate needs to be clean! See the polish dries in the fine lines and corners of the embossed image, so bits of the design don't transfer onto your nails. Hope this help you out and you try stamping some more.
    *Good luck from Tracy.*

    1. I agree completely, thanks for the tips!


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