Monday, May 6, 2013

The Rest of My Hologlams and Joe Fresh

Lets start off with the Joe Fresh polishes first. While at the Real Canadian Superstore over the weekend. I spotted a bin of clearance cosmetics! Even luckier for me it was full and neatly and cleanly stocked. There was an assortment of products ranging from lip stains to nail polish stripers! Brands I spotted included:

- Essie
- Art Deco
- Joe Fresh

I decided to pick up some Joe Fresh polishes, originally $4 each, they were reduced to 98 cents each! I picked up a lemming of mine, Stary, and a deep, dusty purple, Eggplant.

 photo IMGP6461_zps9c7a4ab4.jpg

Joe Fresh has always had perfect formulas but Stary really surprised me. Only two coats in my swatches, the glitter particles are heavily saturated. Great as a top coat or on its own for sure! I would describe this s a scattered holo glitter which is made up of many irregular glitter pieces. Super pretty!

 photo IMGP6464_zps27da1ca3.jpg

Eggplant is a deep saturated shade of, well, eggplant! What makes this extra special is the dusty quality it has. My swatch shows 1 coat.

 photo IMGP6468_zpsc8ee0511.jpg

Next up the remainder of polishes I was waiting to arrive in the mail from the Hologlam collection, OMG, a UFO, Take a Trek, Strap on Your Moonboots and When Stars Collide.

 photo IMGP6456_zps9d2528b3.jpg

As you can see, one bottle didn't make it in once piece to me, this has never happened before! At first glance I thought the bottle broke but it actually leaked. The seller agreed to send me a new bottle since this one is half empty, I can't wait for it! Although my package was sent in a bubble wrap mailer, the polishes were only wrapped in paper. I found this odd.

 photo IMGP6457_zps5b82afbf.jpg
Take a Trek and Strap On Your Moonboots
 photo IMGP6458_zps70ee765c.jpg
OMG a UFO and When Worlds Collide
The difference between these polishes I ordered online and the ones I picked up at Sally's is the cap colours, does anyone know why? All the Sally's I went to had black caps, kind of weird.

 photo IMGP6443_zpsb34b43cd.jpg
Take a Trek OMG a UFO
 photo IMGP6442_zpsbf0fd31b.jpg
When Worlds Collide and Strap On Your Moonboots
 photo IMGP6445_zps9b5ee8c9.jpg
My Full Hologlam Collection!
Now that I have seen these all in person I can honestly say that When Worlds Collide is my favourite! I had kind of expected that from what I saw online, but this confirms it. I am a sucker for blues too, Take a Trek and Strap On Your Moonboots are so awesome! I wish OMG a UFO was a bit more saturated and green, but it is still awesome :) My photos do not do this collection justice.

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