Thursday, June 20, 2013


The last time I attempted to wear a Claire's polish it didn't go so well, lucky for me Flame, a bright orange neon was a completely different experience. Since the polish is a neon it dries quickly to a matte finish and requires an extra coat or two to achieve opacity. I only used three coats and was happy with the final look.

 photo IMGP6617_zps03af5735.jpg

 photo IMGP6621_zps4228e09c.jpg

This shade of orange is outrageously bright, like one step brighter than a traffic cone! A perfect summer shade. I think I picked this one to get me in to summer mode, the weather has been so up and down lately, it's not really feeling like summer at all. I wish my photos could capture it better, but you know neons and cameras!

 photo IMGP6624_zps1d469178.jpg

 photo IMGP6648_zpse7f2fed1.jpg

I noticed earlier chipping on this polish, but just a small chip/wear at the tips and only on a few nails, nothing too noticeable. I'm thinking of doing a neon gradient with this as the base and another Claire's neon (a pink) sponged on top. I will have to test that out before applying, otherwise I may just do some stamping, haven't done that in a while :)


  1. I love the color and that would look great on my skin. BTW, do you have a YouTube channel?

    1. Thanks, its your standard orange neon and should be readily available if you can't find it at Claire's.

      At the moment I don't have a you tube channel, kind of camera shy!


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