Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Neon and on and on....

I love neons for summer and China Glaze is probably my favourite for colour/finish. Every year they top their last summer collection. Today I have a light hot pink with a hint of coral, Neon, And On, And, On.

 photo IMGP6749_zps3a006c0a.jpg

 photo IMGP6747_zps56089b86.jpg

Formula wise, the polishes I have tried from China Glaze's Subsational collection, so far just the creams, have been a tad hard to work with, although I have worked with worse. Neons are usually notorious for bad application, usually too sheer, but the issues I had was thickness of the formula and bald spots. The colour is pretty opaque which I am happy with, but you may need an extra coat to even everything out in the end. 

 photo IMGP6745_zps712f71e3.jpg

 photo IMGP6770_zps99112993.jpg

I chose to go with two coats, but could have used a very thin third to even everything out. The one think I dislike the most about neons is wear time, the usually chip too soon. This polish started to chip in the usual spots I get wear first, my thumbs and index fingers. The others had very little to no tip wear during the duration of my mani.

 photo IMGP6748_zps719e409e.jpg

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