Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neon Floral

Totally forgot tot post this earlier today! I thought it as scheduled... oh well.

Today I have a mani fresh with China Glaze Neon, And On, And On. I loved this colour so much and did not want to remove it, I touched up some minor chips on the tips of a few nails and stamped Bundle Monster BM-323, a ful nail rose pattern, over top. My stamping polish of choice was sally Hansen Whirlwind White.

 photo IMGP6788_zps1029dcdb.jpg

 photo IMGP6784_zps49d6ea3c.jpg

 photo IMGP6787_zps7807d38f.jpg

This looked so much prettier in person, the boldness of the neon polish in contrast with the delicate white design was so perfect!


  1. It looks very pretty in the pictures. I'm getting my nail professionally done tomorrow, screw my home manicures LOL.

    1. lol aww, hope it comes out good! Let me know if you post it on my blog, I'd like to see what you got!


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