Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bio Seaweed Gel Review - Followup

I am home from my vacation, although I wish it could have lasted a little longer...

 photo P1060076_zpsd529315d.jpg

The same can be said for one half of my review of Bio Seaweed Gel polish. I'm talking about my little sandwiching experiment, didn't go exactly as I had planned. Here is my mani before my vacation:

 photo IMGP6896_zps34ad5f1f.jpg

I was hoping since I sandwiched a regular polish I between a gel base and top coat I would be chip free for the same amount of time as a gel polish alone. Unfortunately this was not the case, I think what made this worse was the fact that I used a neon, China Glaze Son of a Peach, which are notorious for chipping and short wear time.

At first I tried to ignore the lifting of the polish and tiny chips, but I am a picker! I couldn't help myself, but I picked the whole mani off by the end of my trip! I definitely do not recommend this, it is not so easy on the nail bed.

 photo P1060185_zpsbef93973.jpg

I definitely want to try this method again with these tips in mind:

- After the base had been cured apply a gel too and cure before adding the regular polish and another UV top.

- Do not wrap the tips with the regular polish! I think this was my main issue! The regular polish started to peel from the wrap which cases the gel to lift up as well.

- Do wrap the tips with the UV base and top coat.

- Take your time! Let the regular polish dry as long as possible before applying and curing the final top coat.

Also consider I was in a hot, tropical destination with wet and busy hands most of my trip, I am sure this was also a factor in quick wear of the polish.

On to regular usage of the UV Bio Seaweed Gel polish with UV base and top coat on my toe nails if you recall, this is what my toes looked like before I left for my vacation:

 photo IMGP6897_zps624ae624.jpg

This wore fantastically! I did some nail art on the big toe and sealed it with a regular top coat and you could see clearly the difference in shine between the big toe and others.

 photo P1060183_zps63c5fd37.jpg

 photo P1060158_zps6dd7361c.jpg

 The gel stayed super shiny and lasted my whole trip and then some :) very happy with the wear considering I did a lot of barefoot walking on the beach with gritty sand :)


  1. Definitely need a lot of drying time~ That is what seems to work for those who have experimented and posted their results in various nail forums. I think that your point about not wrapping the tip w the reg polish is spot on as well! I have yet to try this, but have wanted to~ maybe closer towards midterms when I don't have the time to switch up my colours as often :)

  2. Usually sandwiching nail polish and gel don't work too well. Its because the polish and gel don't cure together. The best choice is to put the base and top and then the polish ontop of it. This protects your nails but the polish will still chip. Otherwise its better to use gel colour :D


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