Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Fan Created Bundle Monster Plates!

It's official, the fan created Bundle Monster nail design plates are now available and for an awesome price! 26 plates with over 150 designs to choose from for only $16.50! I am super excited about this collection, so many amazing designs were chosen, if I had known how detailed you could go I would have submitted some more intricate designs myself.

Some of the designs I submitted were lucky enough to be included in this set, so exciting! Although I have not received my set yet, I thought I'd show you my contribution to the latest collection. I have highlighted my designs below

Nautical full nail stripy design

Plate BM-408, alternating circles and faux glitter ;)

Plate BM-420,  corset design

I will defiantly have a more in depth post on the full collection when I finally receive them, feels like it has taken forever!

What do you think about the new fan collection? Were any of your designs chosen? Which designs are your favorite?!

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