Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What the Polish...?

Alrighty, so, I am going through my selection of china Glaze polishes, pulling out various untried and fall/halloween polishes I'd like to wear soon and what do I spy...

 photo IMGP7100_zps3e49a552.jpg

Both bottles shown are China Glaze Strap on Your Moonboots, the one to the right is the first bottle I received from Amazon this past spring. If you recall the bottle leaked during transport and I was left with a mess and half a bottle of polish. The amazon seller quickly sent me a new bottle, but I decided to keep the leaky bottle as well, no point in throwing it away right? The polish was still good then anyways.

 photo IMGP6457_zps5b82afbf.jpg
The polish to the right is Strap on Your Moon Boots when I first received it in May,
disregard the bottle of  Take a Trek on the left.

Apparently something happened in storage and a crazy separation occurred, because this polish now looks like navy sludge! what the heck happened?! At first I thought the polish dried up on me but it is still in a (thick) liquid form. I shook the bottle like crazy trying to find and replenish the holo pigment to back to the polish but it cannot be found! So weird. Below is a my new bottle vs. original bottle formula and colour:

 photo IMGP7104_zps5e0247bc.jpg
how the polish should look

 photo IMGP7103_zps0e1b472a.jpg
how the leaky "polish" looks, grey, sludgy and no holo :(

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. My Moonboots looks just like your bad one...before this never had one so bad to this extent but since so many had said how bad the collection was an total lack of holo I was not too surprised and I did pick it up late at Sally's which is odd as ours never has anything left in polish when it's time for sales. but this one and 1 other of that collection I picked up out of the 4 left on sale.

    1. What exactly happened to yours? Did it leak at all or just morphed on it's own. Very odd. did it happen to any other of your polishes form this collection?


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