Monday, December 2, 2013

Midnight Glitz

Today I have a quick and easy refresh with Buter London's Jack the Lad and a new Sally Hansen of mine, Midnight Glitz. This polish is apart of the limited edition Holiday 2013 collection which is made up of four glitter toppers. At first I thought Midnight Glitz was a gold glitter in a black jelly base, when I got home I realized this was due to the fact that it packed with black matte glitter! What a surprise! So it is actually a gold holo hex/regular glitter and black matte glitter in a clear base.

 photo IMGP7651_zps0ef3c559.jpg

 photo IMGP7647_zps8c6c13d2.jpg

I decided to try a new method of glitter application, basically applying the glitter to a cosmetic sponge and sponging on to the nail. What this does is applies a large quantity of glitter with less clear coat, so you end up with more glitter on the nail and less polish. It helps hen you have a lot of layers of polish already in the nail.

 photo IMGP7644_zpsc2a0cac7.jpg

 photo IMGP7643_zpsdf4447b0.jpg

 photo IMGP7649_zps9b9d454c.jpg

I love the sparkle of the gold rainbow glitter with the deep green base of Jack the Lad, however the glitter was a bit gritty, probably due to the fact that I sponged it on lol. I will have to perfect that method another time.


  1. I'm hoping ill find these on clearance...cause that's the only way I can let myself get more polish atm >_<


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