Friday, December 13, 2013

Zoya Payton

Happy Friday!! Last year Zoya came out with a rockin' holiday collection! I was good last year and only picked out two from the collection of six polishes, of those were these lovely jelly polishes spelled with holo glitter flecks! It was at that point I hoped Zoya would create a collection in an array of shades with the same finish and glitter. Although that has not happened yet, they did release a few more colours with the same finish for this years holiday collection. I showed of Dream in my cross boarder haul, and today I have a full swatch of it's grape sister, Payton.

 photo IMGP7798_zpsb2b3b1d6.jpg

 photo IMGP7809_zps9895765d.jpg

Payton is an inky purple jelly, think of a melting grape Popsicle on a hot day, that is this polish! It is vampy without being black and is peppered with irregularly shaped pieces of holo glitter. The glitter sandwiches between the jelly adds great depth and texture to the super glossy polish.

 photo IMGP7807_zpsf8d1822a.jpg

 photo IMGP7811_zps85320248.jpg

Application was good, I added a tiny bit of thinner for smoother application. I painted on one thin coat and a second thicker one achieving full coverage easily. This shade is so perfect for the holidays without being so in your face. In an office setting it is a good dark neutral, while in brighter lighting you get a dramatic effect due to the glowing holo particles.


  1. I may need to franken something similar to this...looks pretty!

    1. If you can find it I would get it :) I wish they came out with more colours!

  2. I loved this whole line! Zoya has stepped it up this year. My favourite from this collection is Belinda.

    1. Belinda is pretty but I feel like I have similar colours in my collection. The holiday collection was great though!


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