Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Decisions, Decisions...

This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands, a mismatched mani due to indecisiveness! The other day I sat down to do my nails and was torn as to how I would be updating my previous mani of Zoya Envy. I have been seeing bloggers posting swatches of the new Finger Paints Flakies and it got me wanting to layer that on top. But, I also have been meaning to try out a tape mani since I purchased a bunch of striping tape last summer. These were the two options I was really stuck between among others of layering other polishes on top or stamping. Too many choices!

Soooo... I ended up trying out a tape mani... on a few fingers lol.

 photo IMGP8166_zps66865550.jpg

 photo IMGP8167_zpsdef32034.jpg

 photo IMGP8168_zps0f59851f.jpg

 photo IMGP8170_zps81756698.jpg
All above photos captured in natural lighting
Three tape designs on my right hand and two on my left to be exact. You have seen these before, basically you stick striping tape on the nail in various designs and patterns and paint over the nail with the tape stuck to the nail, when you remove it you have a cool design! I did a different design for each nail. I think they came out pretty good for my first time! I definitely will be doing this more often, especially with the amount of tape I have.

 photo IMGP8159_zps4f4a26e8.jpg

 photo IMGP8155_zpsf018f7c5.jpg

The polish I used on top of Envy for the stripe tape nails is Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly, one of the scented polishes from last years holiday collection. I picked this one up at Sally's on clearance for a dollar or something last year after Christmas. Such a beautiful shade! It is a golden green that flashes a slight duochrome of gold and teal/blue from the right angle. It has a slight evergreen scent that is not overbearing at all. I can only really smell it when I have my hands up to my nose.

 photo IMGP8153_zps9b38b3f2.jpg

 photo IMGP8152_zps5614d9f3.jpg

For the other nails, two on my right and three on my left, I applied a generous coat of Finger Paints Flecked, a densely packed green flakie in a clear base. The green flakies flash between different shades of green and blue, so pretty! They go great with the deep green base of Envy

 photo IMGP8163_zps8b1c75e9.jpg

 photo IMGP8165_zpsa221badf.jpg

It was so hard to get decent photos of this mismatched mani, it is one of those that looks better in person, too much going on for the camera to capture it correctly. The first grouping of images at the tom were the most accurate to real life.


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