Friday, January 31, 2014

SensatiNail Review - UV Gel Polish

I have been sporting an awesome pedi for just over a month now, I gave it to myself just before Christmas. Isn't that crazy, it's been just over a month since the holiday season! I tried out some LED UV gel polishes I acquired towards the end of 2013 from SensatiNail. I typically go for neutral shades when picking out gel polishes, if I'm going to be wearing them longer than regular polish I'd like to use them as a base for nail art, glitter toppers, etc., should I want to change it up without removing the full gel.

My first SensatiNail experience is with two colours, Midnight Rendezvous and Gold Glitter. Midnight Rendezvous is a basic black creme and Gold Glitter is a dense gold glitter in a clear base, clever name, I know ;) . I thought these would look great together should my toes be showing during Christmas and New Years, something with a little glitter, but nothing over the top. In conjunction with the Sensatinail colour polishes, I used my Bioseaweed Gel base and top coat because it is what I have on hand. For me there was no need to purchase the starter pack since I already own UV gel tools (nail cleanser, base/top coat and Kiss branded LED light).

 photo IMGP8277_zps51d4c594.jpg

 I won't get in to too much detail about the steps involved, but this is the order of application for me:

- clean nails (99% alcohol)
- apply base coat and cure
- apply thin coat Midnight Rendezvous and cure
- apply thin coat Gold Glitter and cure
- apply top coat and cure
- apply 99% alcohol to remove residue and reveal shine

Very quick and simple steps to follow for a flawless, shiny looking mani or pedi that dries in seconds. I am super happy with the results, as I said I applied this a day or two before Christmas and it has held up very well. I didn't take any photos after the initial application, the photos in this post are current, if there was no growth it would look as if I just applied it! As you can see the glitter is pretty dense, I probably could have reached full opacity with a few coats.

 photo IMGP8274_zpse4c95a5c.jpg

 I originally decided to try these polishes as a recommendation from a friend and am glad I did. These are highly pigmented and the formula is thin and easy to apply. I also like how it works with my Kiss branded UV LED lamp. The only dissapointment I have is bottle size, I know most gel polishes available to non-professionals are smaller, but It would be nice to have the option. However, due to formula and pigmentation, I do see these bottles lasting me a while.

 I have also noticed another offshoot brand/collection from Sensatinail (Nailene), Fuse. I saw these at Rite Aid while in the States this month and saw a review on YouTube. Although the polish size is larger and the price point is lower, from what I gather it is not as long lasting as the Sensatinal gels.

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