Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Small, Neutral Haul

I ordered some polishes from Amazon around early February, and receiving them now I can see I was totally inspired by the hopes of spring coming early and Valentines. None of these polishes are from newer collections, just ones I had been meaning to pick up, plus I had some Amazon credit accumulated from Swagbucks. Lets start off with the OPIs.

 photo IMGP8438_zps144862a9.jpg
From left to right, My Vampire is Buff and I Theadora You.
My Vampire is Buff has been calling to me for a while, I've just put off buying it for too long. It's a very light beigey neutral with the slightest hint of nude. MrCandiiPants on YouTube (among others) uses it often for her beautiful artwork, I just knew I had to add it to my collection as well. Two coats of this creme are shown in my swatch below.

I Theadora You is from the Wizard of OZ collection released last year. This sheer baby pink jelly is super sweet and delicate. I love OPI Bubble Bath and wanted a pinker option to wear on its own or a base for nail art and glitter sandwiches. Three coats are shown in my swatch below.

 photo IMGP8455_zps73b01522.jpg

Next Up is a sparkly China Glaze.

 photo IMGP8480_zps8c94dfd4.jpg

China Glaze Hello Gorgeous was released apart of the United in Purpose collection from 2012. It is so much more awesome in person! It is comprised of dense pink HOLO microglitter. This just shines to beautifully. It dries a bit gritty which is expected from glitters like these from China Glaze, so extra topcoat will be needed for a smooth and glossy shine. I used three coats for full coverage in my swatch below.

 photo IMGP8450_zpsa4b6893b.jpg

Last, but not least, I have a new Zoya Pixie dust, the second Pixie Dust added to my collection, and it impresses way better than the first, Carter. Godiva, I just love that name, is a neutral tan textured glitter.  really love this one, mainly because it is like sparkling sand on your nails and it makes me crave  summer! I applied two regular coats and a final thin coat on top for full coverage in my swatch below.

 photo IMGP8452_zps076404fb.jpg

One last random that was not apart of my Amazon purchase is this adorable Cover Girl Outlast polish in Pina Colada.

 photo IMGP8484_zps42a399f4.jpg

 photo IMGP8458_zps7475769e.jpg

The RCSS was clearing a bunch of makeup items last week for crazy cheap, between 25 to 50 cents each! There were also some other items between $1.00 and $2.00. This cute little yellow polish set me back 50 cents and I just had to try it out. It is a little brighter on the nail than the pastel colour in the bottle and took me two to three coats to get fully opaque, it was a tad streaky. But it is a yellow creme!

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