Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Theodora You, I Adore You Not...

Today I have a lovely dainty shade to share with you that I recently picked up. It's from the Wizard of Oz collection OPI released last year. It's your standard baby pink but in jelly form, its so glossy and squishy and awesome.

At this point you are probably wondering about the title of this post, right? It is an awesome colour, an awesome finish, but I had major issues with the formula, and the worst part is I think it is my fault! You see, I was handling coconut oil last night during application and I'm not sure if I didn't remove it properly but I was getting weird streaking with the brush. My base coat went on fine, but each stroke of polish has these tiny little streaks that would just not even out.

 photo IMGP8505_zpse2407a39.jpg

 photo IMGP8501_zps99a7055b.jpg

If you have had the same issue with this polish in particular OR with having excess oil on your fingers while applying polish can you please let me know if you reversed it? It's frustrating not knowing if its the polish or the oil that has been screwing with the formula. I attempted to apply the polish again with the same issue, so it's either the polish or the oil stuck in the brush/polish? It's killing me! I even tried changing the brush!

 photo IMGP8496_zpsc67a7511.jpg

Luckily he photos don't show the streakiness, just the beauty this polish truly is. I applied two coats and was happy with the faint visible nail line. Hopefully the next time I pull it out I won;t have any issues.


  1. Sheer colors at not meant for me, because I can not work with them.
    However it makes me what to try them again sometime, because your swatches are so elegant, very pretty.

    1. Thanks :) It is a lovely shade, I hope I can find out what is wrong with the formula

  2. The color is very pretty and perfect for a nice clean look. But it's very possible that the streaks you speak of are just from the formula of the polish. Sheers can be pretty, but are usually a pain in the neck to apply and even out. It's probably the product, not you!

    1. Hey Lindsay, I know most sheers have issues with application, but I trust OPI with formula for sheers, they are usually perfection! I have also heard nothing but rave reviews of this polish on other blogs. the only way I will ever know for myself is if I get another bottle I guess!


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