Friday, May 16, 2014

All Lacquered Up

I haven't worn a Finger Paints polish in a while, so how about a bright glittery polish for spring? Enter Sarong So Right apart of Finger Paints collaboration with Michelle from All Lacquered Up.

Sarong so Right has a lot going on in that little bottle! It is a deep orange based coral with a jelly-like finish. I wouldn't say it is a pure jelly since it is slightly thicker and more opaque. There is also a super fine pink shimmer that runs throughout which aids in building up opacity overall. And last but not least, it is jam packed with reflective opalescent glitter.

Considering it is close to a jelly, I was surprised that I only required two coats for full opacity. the formula was a bit thick so I added some thinner before applying the second coat to the nails. The finish was interesting, usually jelly's dry to a high gloss shine, however, the final finish was slightly dull. I wouldn't say it was matte or satin, I think the glitter added a slight texture. One thin layer of top coat evened everything out and made it perfectly shiny!

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  1. It looks really good with the top coat so shiny and I love the sparkles :-)


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