Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring in My Step

I'd like to say Spring is finally here but it is such a slowpoke this year, teasing us with a few warm days then freezing up again. The forecast looks good for the upcoming week and I can't wait for some sunny spring days.

Today I have a pretty pink apart of China Glaze's current spring collection, City Flourish. Spring in My Step is is a pastel pink with slight orange/coral undertones depending on the lighting. Indoors I find it to be a light pastel, but outdoors whoa! it has a slight neon brightness to it and makes my pale skin (thanks winter) appear to be tanned.

I had some application issues, the first coat was really weird, it was like I had oil on my nails, that is the only way I can think to describe the way this polish applied. It was streaky and weird. I did the best I could and found it was best to move quickly. The second coat was easier to apply, however it was still not 100% streak-free. After the third coat it was still not fully opaque, but I could live with it. The streaking is not as evident in the photos and from afar.

The polish dries to a semi-matte/satin finish, it must have neon pigment in it. Seche Vite Helped to add a perfect gloss and even out any streaking imperfections. After almost a full day of wear I was happy that I had no issues with chipping!... An hour later and after cooking dinner/prepping my lunch for work the next day I was all chips. Too good to be true, right?! I love neon polishes in general, but dread how short the wear time is.

Overall I love this colour, but the formula and wear kind of suck. It's so disappointing because there are so many neon shades I put off wearing because I know they will only last me a day or two before chipping. My hands are usually wet or busy daily, due to typing at the computer, cooking, showering etc. Do you have any tips for getting neon polish to wear longer?

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  1. This looks vibrant! Lol if you used the top coat and it chipped then that would have been my suggestion lol!


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