Monday, June 9, 2014

Sun Upon My Skin

I have had nothing but bad experiences applying polish outdoors. Whether it's the wind, sun or general temperature, my application usually sucks! Therefore, I don't really know how I should review China Glaze Sun Upon My Skin.

Sun Upon My Skin is apart of China Glaze's latest summer collection, Off Shore. There really isn't anything extra special about this yellow, it doesn't have a shimmer or neon pigment, however I don't have a lot of yellows in my collection and this was more of an impulse buy. This buttercup cream feels like it should be apart of a spring collection instead of summer.

Overall application as started in direct sunlight was difficult, thick and runny. Once I moved in to the shade application was a bit easier, but still uneven. I decided to run inside and grab some thinner in hopes of the evening out the polish on the second coat. I added a final third coat on top to make sure everything was covered up evenly and decided and three coats was good enough. A layer of Seche Vite helped to smooth out any imperfections and I was done.

The photos are forgiving compared to real life. The polish is still slightly streaky on some nails and I noticed some bubbling on others, but it is hardly noticeable. I will have to try this polish on indoors to give my final thoughts on it.

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  1. It looks really good in the first picture! :-)

    I've don't often do my nails outdoors - but can't say I've ever had a problem with application or otherwise!


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