Friday, May 30, 2014

Be More Pacific

Happy, Happy Friday!! The weather is looking great and I am excited for the summer-like temperatures the weekend has to offer for the last few days of May! I went cross-boarder shopping this past weekend and only ended up with two new polishes, I think that is a new record! I have not been buying much polish lately, not for any particular reason, I guess I just haven't been interested in what has been released. Take for instance China Glaze's summer offering, Off Shore. I had seen promo pictures and some swatches but was not impressed. Although I have loved their previous summer and latest spring collections, the formulas have just been awful.

I picked out two Off Shore polishes that I thought were the most interesting and unique to my collection, Sun Upon My Skin and Be More Pacific. I tried out Be More Specific as soon as  got home.

Surprisingly the formula on this polish was awesome! The application was smooth and easy going, it even dried to a shiny finish! I am so used to the awful formula of the neons and pastels from the Peonies and Park Ave. and last summer Sunsational collections that I was expecting this to bomb as well. Luckily, it was fantastic! Smooth and self levelling and opaque in just two coats, that is awesome for a bright and light shade like Be More Pacific.

The shade it's self was unique enough to make me want to purchase it, it is a light and bright yellow toned green that is slightly more faded than pastel. Outdoors it appears nice and bright, perfect for the jump to summer-like temperatures we have been experiencing lately :)

I only swatched Sun Upon My Skin, but if it applies anything like Be More Pacific I will be very impressed. Too bad there weren't many exciting colours in this collection, I would have purchased more!


  1. What a bright and pretty neon! Glad to hear the formula is ace too :-)

    1. Thanks!! Glad you like it :) I wouldn't consider it a true neon, but it is very bright!


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