Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At Vase Value

China Glaze has confused me with their latest summer and spring collections, I feel like maybe their spring collection was supposed to be their summer collection and vise versa? Although Peonies in the Park (spring collection) has some lovely pastels, I find that they are brighter (including a few neons) and more appropriate for summer, where as the summer collection hardly has any neons!

I dont know how to classify At Vase Value, apart of the Peonies and Park collection. Sure, it may look like your standard "Tiffany" or baby blue, but I think it is different from the similar shades I own. First off, I would not consider it a neon polish, however it must be the brightest pastel blue I own. Secondly, it has a hint of yellow in there which makes it shift slightly teal while still being a blue. Basically it is a bright neon leaning pastel blue... LOVE!

I wish I could say the same about application, but to be honest I was actually expecting worse! This whole collection seems to be infamous for application issues and horrible wear. I can't comment on wear time just yet since I just applied the polish last night, but application wasn't the easiest. The first coat was a bit streaky, this occurred when over lapping layers. To avoid balding work quickly with three swift swipes. The second coat applied much easier, but to get full opacity I found I needed between 3-4 coats. It varied from finger to finger for me, and this is because I was painting in a dimly lit room watching Chopped (Sooooo hooked on this!), so, my fault. I would say in better lighting and atmosphere, 3 coats total should do it. The fourth coat was mostly just spot touch-ups with thinned out polish.

The natural finish of At Vase Value is a satiny matte. It did appear thick and uneven on the nail. I even thought I saw some bubbling on a few nails, but one coat of Seche Vite evened everything out fairly nice. Overall I am very happy with the final look, colour and finish. I felt even thought I needed between 3-4 coats It wasn't really a lot of extra work or as messy as the other polishes I have tried from this collection. I just hope it lasts me a few days without chips!


  1. It's a nice colour shame about the application! Some can be a real nightmare! :-)

    1. I know, right? Such a lovely shade though :)


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