Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pedal to the Metal

My boyfriend suggested I pick a few polishes for him to choose from to paint my nails the other day. While choosing the colours I already knew EXACTLY what he was going to pick, the blue shade, Essie, Butler Please. He always goes for the blues! He surprised me when he paired it with another Essie, Saturday Disco Fever. This of course would be the accent nail, according to him.

I told him maybe he should pick a colour based off the polish name, so out of the five in front of him, he picked out China Glaze, Pedal to the Metal. A perfect choice I didn't even consider seeing how my first road test (G2), was scheduled for the next day! I'm glad to say I easily passed, yay me! I was lucky enough to have a super nice examiner and no rain, it had been calling for rain all week. I had a little set back the morning of with my boyfriends car, but that is a whole other story all together. All that matters is that I made it there on time and passed, so we are both happy :)

Pedal to the Medal is a light, bright pink creme with the slightest of coral undertones. Application was good, not too thick, not too thin. There were some streaks, but better application on my part could have helped to avoid that. Only two coats were needed for full opacity.

It dried to a satin/matte finish, which I glossed up with a coat of Seche Vite. Application so far (2 days at this point) is good. Some slight shipping in my usual spot (inside right thumb). But I did also experience a larger than usual chip on day one, pointer finger of my left hand. This was due to a deep bend (crease) in the nail. Some of my nails are still healing after the toll winter took on them unfortunately. Luckily all of the other nails are looking good. I found this collection as a whole chipped a lot faster due to the satin/matte finish. Hopefully this last a few more days, I plan on doing a refresh of some sort :)


  1. It's a pretty pink colour! I like it!

    Hehe that is cute :-)

    1. Thanks :) It's not super unique, but a simple pink is good every once and a while

  2. yay congrats on passing. I remember when I took mine I was totally freaking out. Was convinced i would fail. Examiner at the end was like...why were you worried in the first place?! Haha...I let my license expire as I didn't have time to do my G, so I do have to go through the process again, but hopefully it won't be too bad.

    Also love how the bf is involved with your nails too :P

    1. I was eerily calm leading up to it and then I went to practice the morning of and the back brake light decided to burn out, of course, right!? Went to Canadian Tire, they said it would be an hour to fix. The polish picker (boyfriend) is an electrician so he figured he could do it himself since he had the tools in the trunk, but turns out it wasn't the bulb, actually faulty wiring and we had to go to the dealer to get it fixed properly!! That's when I started freaking out lol!

      Thank God we started practicing earlier in the day or I would not have made it to my appointment on time, I just made it with 10 mins to spare :)


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