Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bouncer, it's Me!

I haven't worn an Essie polish in a while and figured I should try a summer untried of mine. Bouncer, it's Me, is a deep blue jelly polish. I had forgotten it a a jelly polish until I sampled the shade in my nails. The formula is thin but deeply pigmented. Depending on the pressure you apply and the about of polish on the brush you can really change the whole look of the polish. This is great for a jelly sandwich, but also can be built up to full opacity in as little as two coats!

I love that the formula is so versatile. I decided to build up to full opacity, so I only needed two coats, the first was on the thinner side and the second was a bit thicker. The formula evened it's self out perfectly, I was dreading runny, sloppy application.

Since the formula is thin, I find that the more you apply to the nail in one coat the longer it will take to dry. I severely dented my nail on the fist thin coat! It was easily evened out without any issues, but I will me more careful next time for sure.

It dries to a satiny matte finish, so a topcoat is a must. I would recommend using a quick dry topcoat to best avoid any denting after application. My go to top coat is always Seche Vite. I also added some Sally Hansen quick dry drops, which is an oil that also helps with drying the polish.

I love the look of this shiny shade. Although it appeared slightly lighter in the bottle, it does dry a deeper shade.

Fun fact: I applied this polish to myself while getting a pedicure! Not bad, right!? The pedicure post to follow.

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  1. Oh what a pretty blue and a good finish for two coats! Looks super fun glossy :-)


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