Friday, August 15, 2014

The Deepest Depths!

Happy, Happy Friday!

I am obsessed with this polish! Orly released a bunch of glitters in 2012 apart of their Glam FX collection and I knew I just HAD to get my hands on a few of them. Go Deeper was one of them. I actually grabbed Mermaid Tail, apart of the same collection, first to paint my nails, but after one coat decided Go Deeper would be the best option for full overage.

This glittery polish is made up of blue/green teal regular and hex glitter, some of which reflect beautifully holo! The jelly is a sheer teal and allows the beautiful glitter to shine through. It really is true to the name, the glitter and jelly base add so much depth.

I used three coats and did some touch ups to the tips of a few nails before  adding a topcoat. The formula was good to work with, thin base with dense glitter. It wore fantastic too, about five days before I started to remove it. I would have left it on longer but I got a chip on my thumbnail and I started picking it... And picking I know,  I have a problem!

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  1. This is a stunner! I must admit I'm right into Orly at the moment and we are getting older ones over here cheap so I've been stocking up :-)


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