Monday, August 25, 2014

Splish, Splash!

I have been on a blue polish kick lately which is unlike me! I usually like to change up my colours, especially during summer. The next blue I decided to wear was apart of China Glaze's Summer Neons collection from summer 2012.

Splish Splash is a mid-blue shimmer "neon", however, I use that term loosely. Neon in colour, not so much, the formulation is truer to a neon. The formula is thin but workable, I found it easiest to swipe the polish on the nail quickly since it dries fast. The opacity was decent, a little streaky on the first coat, evened out pretty much on the second coat but I decided to add a final third coat.

It dries quickly to a matte/satin finish so a top coat is a must with this polish. I was pretty happy with the final look of it, a medium blue with slightly lighter micro shimmer, it realy glows in certain lighting.

Unfortunately it started chipping after about a day. It came off so easily too! Realy disappointing. It first started chipping most when I was preparing a meal, washing veggies and cleaning up after really ruined my mani :(

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  1. This looks really amazing! I love this blue. It is sorta similar to CG's Frostbite - which I really loved :-D


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