Friday, August 29, 2014

Last of Summer

Happy Friday! and Long Weekend! WOOO!

This will probably be my last summer pedi this season :( Where has the summer gone!! I can't believe September is a few short days away. This is a shade I have worn on my fingernails before, China Glaze At Vase Value.

I am happy to report that it wore surprisingly well on my toes when compared to my fingers. Such a lovely shade of baby blue with a hint of green. Three coats were applied by an awesome nail teck.

I am so happy with this look, I was originally going to choose a pink pastel but wanted to match something closer to what I was wearing on my fingernails (Orly, Dive Deeper). So happy I chose this! It held up well on my toes so far, about a week. I am on my feet a lot and work out vigorously 5-6 times a day and no chips!


  1. Hehe cute colour for toes! OMG I cannot believe it is nearly September :-O The summer in Scotland has gone: cold, wet and windy. :-(

    My friend is going over to Toronto for 3 weeks holiday with his girfriend, he's really looking forward to it! I hope he brings me back some polish ;-) But I was to modest to ask him for any :-O

    1. I am sad to see summer go as well, it was barely a summer this year at all!

      That's awesome, hope they have a good trip and pick you up some polish goodies ;)


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