Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have an awesome coral mani to share today apart of China Glaze's summer offering from 2013. Shell-o is a pink-based coral jelly polish that is bright and fun for summer. Too bad summer for the most part has been feeling like fall  :( Luckily the weather has FINALLY been picking up this week, it figures, the last week of August! But hey, I'll be happy is September turns in to an extended summer!

I think that is why I chose this shade of polish to wear, brighten the mood a bit and remind myself that it's still summer. The formula was good too work with, not too thick, not too thin. Since it is a jelly it is sheer. I used a total of four coats which is mostly opaque. The end result is bright and juicy, but not as squishy as I would have hoped.

I can't recall if it dried super glossy, but I added my usual coat of Seche Vite over top to aid in drying. I wish my skin had a nice tan to really make it pop, but I do love this shade, a must have for summer!

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