Friday, August 1, 2014

Starry Jelly Sandwich

Happy Friday (And long weekend!) I just loved wearing Essie's Bouncer it's me, a deep yet bright blue jelly and didn't want to remove it after I developed some chips. I decided to carefully fill them in and do a sandwich with OPI's Pirouette My Whistle. Bouncer, It's Me evened out very well with the previously applied polish. 

Pirouette My Whistle is a glitter topper composed of silver glitter and lager white opalescent glitter pieces.

One coat was all I needed for good distribution of the glitter on each nail. The hex glitter was inconsistent with each nail, however, I liked the look. Since the silver and white glitter pieces are overlaid with the blue jelly, it gives the appearance of a starry light. The positioning of the hex glitter unintentionally looks like constellations in a star filled sky.

I'm happy with how this turned out, but it didn't last too long due to the previous chips  I had before applying the glitter and additional layer of blue jelly. 

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