Friday, September 26, 2014

I Choo, Choo, Choose You

First official fall jade of the season! I couldn't decide whether I wanted a nice neutral cream, a blingy glitter or a colour shifting duochrome. After having a quick look at some untried I had laying around I decided China Glaze, I Choo Choo Choose You would satisfy at least two of the options I was craving for my nails.

I Choo Choo Choose You is a deep, dusty purple/mauve shade, what makes this polish so special is the duochrome micro shimmer that shifts between yellow, green and red. Unfortunately this was super hard to capture in a photo, but I did try my best.

The formula was pretty perfect, although the first coat had me worried. Old school traditional duochromes (think Sally Hansen Prisms) tend to be really thin and sheer, it's usually best to layer them over another colour. The first coat was sheer but applied well and surprisingly the second coat evened everything out to full opacity.

The wear has been fantastic, which is a welcome change from the spring and summer China Glazs polishes I purchased. It's nice to have a polish not chip after just one day. This is such a great shade and I love the shimmer colour shift. I'd like to have a second look at the All Aboard collection, but if you only can pick up one, I would highly suggest this polish!


  1. This one looks really pretty and I've had my eye on it :-)

    1. Thanks, glad you like it. I would definitely recommend this polish


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