Monday, September 29, 2014

Boundary of a Memory

I has been craving a glitter for the longest time, I finally gave in and decided to wear what I think is a seasonally appropriate glitter. China Glaze, Boundary of a Memory is apart of their collaboration with the movie (based off the book), The Giver. This is the only colour in the collection that captured my interest.

Boundary of a Memory is a densely packed full coverage glitter, it is made up of black, silver and copper glitter. The copper glitter is not easily visible on the nail, however it breaks up the black and silver glitter and warms up the polish as a whole.

Surprisingly I only needed two coats for full opacity! The formula was a bit thick, and thickened up the longer the bottle was opened, I would recommend thinner be incorporated into the polish between uses. The formula wasn't the worst to work with but it wasn't amazing either. The good thing about glitters is that it is easy to fix and manipulate the glitter on the nail to fix any imperfections or mistakes.

On it's own it dries to a gritty, matte-like finish. I applied one coat of Seche Vite over top to add some shine. The glitter did not soak up the top coat which is good, and I was happy with the shine achieved, however you may want to add two coats if you want super glossy glitter.

I really like this glitter because it's sparkly but kind of dark, and I love that full coverage is achieved in two easy coats with fast dry time. I am currently on day three of wear and have gotten a few small chips here and there mostly due to my hands evening constantly wet in preparing food/washing dishes. 

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  1. This looks really nice and sparkly! Might need to check it out :-)


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