Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October = Halloween!

Halloween themed products came out WAY early this year (Halloween displays for polish, costumes and candy between July and August?!), but hey, I am soooo not complaining because it is one if my favorite times of the year. For the month of October I will be wearing Halloween themed polish and nail art!

To start off the month I have  a gorgeous "vampire" shade. I love neutral cremes! They are so sophisticated on the nail and act as a great base for nail art. Today I have OPI, My Vampire is Buff. This is the palest peach neutral I own.

I required two coats for full opacity, the first was a bit streaky but the second evened everything out nicely. The formula was easy to work with and didn't cause any problems during application.

Not really too much more to say about this shade, I guess I will let the photos speak for themselves today! My lamp light leans a bit on the yellow side so the polish does appear to be yellow based, however in person it has a slight hint of peach/pink which really remindeds me of pale vampire skin. I would have preferred it to wear a bit longer so I could do some nail art over top but it chipped after a few days unfortunately.

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  1. That is so true! October does mean that ;-) Nice colour :-)


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