Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September Favorites

This is an ongoing monthly post I will be incorporating in to the blog which mentions some of my favorite things. 

Today I have my favorite things from last month. Woohoo, on schedule this time! Check it out below:

Favourite Facial Care Product: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

My skin is having an identity crisis, it thinks I am 15 again! Wth the help of regular facials I am getting my skin issues under control, so I was happy to find an all natural product that I can use on my own at home. This healing clay mask is awesome, simply mix with equal parts apple cidar vinegar, apply to the face and wash off after 10/15/20 mins depending on your skin. It really draws up all the dirt from your pores, bringing it to the surface for easy removal. 

Favourite Food: Apple Chips

My sister picked these out at Costco in early September and I have been hooked at first taste! These, raw, dehydrated apple chips are such a great snack and pack a satiffying crunch. When I headed to Costco again last week I picked up two big bags, I am sooooo addicted!

Favourite Natural: Coconut Oil

I have been a fan of coconut oil for a while now, you may even see this as favorite in upcoming months for other uses. I primarily use it for cooking and I have been using it lately for cooking stove-top popcorn. One tablespoon melted with about a quarter to one third cup of kernels, topped with some pink Himalayan salt tastes even better than theater popcorn! I haven't discussed this much on the blog, but I became vegan earlier this year, and although I no longer care for the smell or taste or butter, the coconut oil really adds that creamy, buttery flavour I crave in popcorn. The best part is that it is a healthy, natural oil and you don't even need a lot of it, a little bit gives big flavour.

Favourite Fashion Accessory: Scull Scarf

The weather has been up and down all year, Mother Nature must have some hormonal issues going on as well ;) This past "summer", if that's what you'd like to call it, here in Toronto was quite mild compared to previous years. Luckily the fall weather this year has really been beautiful, 20+ during the day, but cooler before the sun comes out and sets. Enter my favorite scarf in the whole wide world! It's huge, soft and light AND it has rainbow skulls, love at first sight! Thai is the best because depending on how I fold and shape it, it can be heavier to lighter depending on the weather. During the morning commute it keeps me nice and warm with ought having other heavy layers to carry with me on the way home. And skulls :)


  1. I love the scarf - it looks really cool :-)

  2. Adult acne is such a I've been using Aztec and Coconut oil religiously, with some baby butt cream lol

    1. Nice! How has it worked out for you?

      My hormones have been out of whack lately since I came off the pill a few months back and my hormones are still regulating I guess. It can be so frustrating!


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