Monday, November 17, 2014

Fang-tastic Violet!

Another mani with polishes that have been accumulating dust on my desk... for over a month! I don't know how OPI Don't Violet Me Down and China Glaze Fang-tasic ended up side by side, but the combo looked too cool, I just had to try it. I finally tidied up my desk area and layered these two polishes on my nails ASAP!

Don't Violet Me Down is a sheer purple jelly, like a true jelly! It is super sheer, but buildable to a certain degree. I applied one coat over my base and let it dry a bit before proceeding to add a single layer of Fang-tastic. This polish is seriously fantastic in application. China Glaze has some pretty spectacular glitters. but they can be hit or miss like their recent snow-like glitter, Chilling with My Snomies...

I digress... After a dabbing of the glitter over my first jelly layer I added an additional two layers of Don't Violet Me Down. My bottle was a little on the thick side and my brush was kind of wonky, but I made it work. The formula, although thick, did apply well. After I applied a few drops of thinner to the bottle it applied flawlessly and self leveled for even coverage.

I had envisioned the jelly building up slightly darker, but I do love the sheer jelly look. The glitter sparkles through and the gloss is just insane. I finished everything off with a thin layer of Seche Vite (which equals a grand total of SIX layers if you are counting! Including base and top coats, of course). It doesn't feel like six layers of polish and I love the jelly look, so shiny and sparkly. The glitter is extra reflective within the jelly layers of polish.

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