Friday, November 14, 2014


Today I have a neutral shade. I feel kind of in-between seasons at the moment. During the month of Halloween I was all over my Halloween polishes, pretty much anything goes! Right now it is still technically fall, but I feel the cold of winter quickly approaching. Polish wise I feel somewhat in a rut but not in a bad way, more in the way I can't decide what I want to wear because of all the options! I still have a few Halloween polishes in my desk, so I decided to try China Glaze, Immortal.

This is another one of those "Halloween" shades that doesn't really scream Halloween to me. I almost didn't purchase it originally because of that, however, swatches and reviews of this polish online made me want to try it.

Immortal is a medium grey creme polish with a faint shimmer of small iridescent flakies. The shimmer reflects mostly pink and blue. The formula was great, a little on the thin side but not too liquidy. It was easy to apply and only two coats were required for full opacity. 

Overall, I'm not really super impressed with this shade, it's a nice neutral but doesn't really have the "wow" factor I was hoping for. The longer I wear it the more it has been growing on me.

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