Friday, December 5, 2014

Blazin' Hot!

Happy Friday!

I have been drawn to my winter and holiday themed collections as soon as December came! I think I will try to stick to this theme, like I did with Halloween polishes in October. Today I have a beauty from Zoya's 2012 holiday Ornate collection, Blaze. I originally passed on it because I don't usually buy reds and the holo particles looked no way near as saturated as the others in the collection (Aurora and Storm). I finally decided to purchase from a blog sale and scored this beauty for only $4!

Blaze is this amazing rich burgundy jelly that is so much more awesome than I could imagine! Not only is it a fabulous colour, but holo shimmer flecks are scattered throughout. It is so beautiful and fully opaque in one generous coat. I used two thinner coats to get even coverage and lengthen wear. 

I am very picky with my red polishes. I find that I can love a red in the bottle, but won't be tempted to buy it. Maybe it's because it's such a classic hue and I like to choose polishes that are more unique. If I choose a red it usually is glitter based. Blaze, however has redeemed my love for red polish! The deep red was hard to capture on camera, so it is not exactly colour accurate, the photo below is probably the closest, just a tad darker IRL.

Another thing I love about this polish is the subtle change in low to bright light settings. In direct lighting you get this awesome scattered holo glitter sprinkled throughout the deep base. In low lighting it is so deliciously vampy. With minimal light to reflect off of the holo shimmer, it appears to be subtle, pieces of red microshimmer. So awesome! If I wasn't wearing this right now it would be a polish I'd consider for Christmas! That says a lot since my go to polish combo is usually China Glaze Party Hearty!


  1. This is such a beauty!! Perfect for Christmas!

    1. My thoughts exactly! I love these kinds of polishes for the holidays :)

  2. It's a pretty colour and I do like the sparkles. :-D

    I keep thinking I need more Zoyas in my life ;-)

    1. I love Zoya polishes, I just wish they were more readily accessible to me and a we bit cheaper.


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