Wednesday, December 3, 2014


What a glamorous polish I have been wearing this week and NOT getting bored of! Lots of Lux was released least year in Essie's Encrusted Treasures collection, a very interesting collection. I own half of it which was comprised of sparkling glitters and 3D textures, Lots of Lux falls in to the textured category.

This deep indigo polish is super saturated with colour. It applied fantastically and was a one coater! Since I was trying my best to apply thin coats, I went back to a few nails and filled in any spots that needed it. I find that textured polishes are most beautiful when less coats are used. The formula for these types of polishes can be a little thicker than regular ones, however,  I didn't want to mess around with thinner and the finish so I left it be and applied coats as thin as I could while still being opaque.

At first glance the polish appeared gritty and not too sparkly but as it dries, super quick BTW, it had this matte, sparkly almost velvet look to it. The texture is like sparkling blue sand and I see a slight reflection of green in there too.

My main concern with not adding topcoat to a mani is wear, due to the fact that I love to eat and thereby have to use my hands to cook a lot! I got some slight chips hear and there after the first few days, but the best part about this polish is that you can fill it in with a stippling motion of the brush and it looks brand new again! The texture blends in seamlessly!

I have already filled in some tiny chips here and there  but am hoping to wear this for at least a few extra days before changing it. Such a great polish for the holidays!


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