Monday, December 15, 2014

My Picks for Festive Christmas Glitters!

I love Christmasy festive glitters! After going through my collection to pick out some polishes to rock through December, I came across some awesome red and green glitters, check out my favourites below!

Orly, Tinsel
The latest red and green polish for me this year is made up of multiple sized red glitter and thin holo green bar glitter in a clear base.

Sinful Colors, Holiday Rebel
I picked up this glitter last year (2013) while in the States. It is made up of red and silver holo hex glitter and various sizes/shapes of red glitter in a clear base.

Oopsie Daisies, Carols by Candlelight
I was lucky enough to win this polish from the indy seller in 2012. It is a mix of matte red, green and white glitters of various sizes and green holo hex glitters. What sets this apart from the others in my list are the matte glitters (in true indy fashion) and use of white glitter. Unfortunately I don't this this polish is available anymore, looks like Oppsie Daises has been on a break since late spring.

OPI, Fresh Frog of Bell Air + Gettin' Miss Piggy With It 
Both of these glitters are apart of the 2011 Muppets collection (not to be confused with the Most Wanted collection released this year). I decided to group these together because I always planned on wearing them together but haven't yet.

Fresh Frog of Bell Air is a green based glitter with larger silver hex glitters scattered throughout, where as Gettin' Miss Piggy With It is mostly the same while having larger red hex glitter as well.

China Glaze, Party Hearty
This is THE ultimate go to Christmas polish for me. Since it was released in 2010, it has been on my nails almost every single Christmas! It is made up of multiple shapes/sizes of green glitter, small hex glitter and white gold glitter in a clear base.

So there you have it, unintentionally my fave red and green glitters though the years, in order from 2014 to 2010. What is you favourite red and green glitter to wear around the holidays?


  1. God choices :-) I've got the two old Muppets ones from back then! :-)

    1. I haven't used the two on my nails together yet, but I have experimented on some fake nails.


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