Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blue Rhrapsody

Today I have an icy blue chrome to share with you, Essie's Blue Rhapsody. I'm usually not a fan of chromes on their own but decided to give it a try, I mean the shade of blue is freakin' gorgeous. I was inspired by the falling temperature and snow for this one!

Blue Rhapsody is a light blue chrome polish that looks smooth and metallic in the bottle. On the nail it requires some effort in order to get it to smooth out to a perfect finish. I found that if I went over the same spot on the nail more than once i got some pulling. The application reminded me much of an true holo shade. I used a regular basecoat, but I know now for next time to use my Nfu Oh Aqua Base instead. I am wearing a fake nail on my right middle finger due to a painful break (not pictured) and it applied flawlessly to that nail only!

The second coat went on a lot smoother but it was difficult to get perfect application (on every nail but the falsey!). The polish was fully opaque in two coats and what you see is the polish on it's own with no base. I have plans to add a glitter topper to reduce the teeny tiny imperfections, although in my photos they appear a lot less.


  1. This looks really pretty on you!!

  2. This is a really gorgeous blue metallic :-D

    1. Thanks, I think so too, just a little finicky with application.


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