Monday, February 9, 2015

January Favorites

This is an ongoing monthly post I have incorporated in to the blog which highlights some of my favorite things from the month past. 

Today I have my most favorite things from January. Check it out below.

Favorite Scents: Saje Essential Oil Nebulizer
I received this awesome essential oil nebulizer from my boyfriend, it acts as an air purifier and humidifier while diffusing essential oils! I use it daily, more so when doing yoga and before going to bed with some lavender oil. It helps me to unwind and ease me in to sleep.

Favorite Read: The Omnivore's Dilemma - Michael Pollan 
I would strongly recommend this book to anyone interested in knowing where our food comes from and the evolution of agriculture through the years. It is an eye opener to those who are unaware of what is going on in our food system, especially in North America. Since reading this I have continued to pursue other books and lectures by Michael Pollan. Not only has he done in-depth, hands on research, but he is also very well spoken. If you have read this book and are looking for more like it from other authors, it would recommend The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

Favorite Stretch: Hot Yoga
I have tried yoga off and on throughout the years but have never been more interested in it as I have been now. I have been going to an awesome studio that is not only beautiful but has an awesome staff and instructors. I believe this studio has given me a real passion for yoga and helped me to slow down in life and find some inner peace.

Favorite Glow: Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
Another gift I received from my boyfriend for Christmas. This also acts as a natural air purifier and gives off a relaxing orange glow. I usually have this on most in the evening before bed to help naturally prepare my body for sleep. I had been having issues sleeping the last little while and found that the combination of my essential oils and salt lamp to help ease me in to sleep peacefully.

No polish favorites for last month, I had been blah with polish in January. I'm starting to get back in to it this month, hopefully I can share more favorites ext month!

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